Christmas Wish List

Office Supplies: Staples gift cards (we will no longer be using Office Max for our supply need) Tape, staples, Stamps. Please See Michelle

Communion Supplies: Oyster crackers, grape juice, paper towels, Windex, small garbage bag 

Pantry Supplies: Non-Perishable Food items, personal care items

Kitchen Supplies: New dish towels, dish clothes, pot holders, dish soap, baggies (any size), Reynolds wrap, saran wrap

Pop/Water: any kind to sell and make money for the church 

Meal time supplies: Plastic plates, napkins, plastic cups forks and spoons

Coffee Time: Coffee regular & Decaf, sugar packets, sugar substitute, creamer, filters, treats

Cleaning Supplies: Soft Scrub, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, Windex, floor cleaner, Please See Cory Smith. Gift Cards are also welcomed for cleaning supplies

Cleaning of the Church for Christmas Eve Service

Joni Boughton & Diana Hucksept will be cleaning church on Tuesday Dec. 23rd from 8am -10am. If anyone would like to help please let one of us know or just come at the designated time

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