New Office Hours for the Month of June

The office will be open on Wednesday’s at 9:00am until 5:00pm until further notice.


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February 2012 Communicator

Church Board Highlights – January 14, 2013 

Many committees have appointed or elected leadership and new members this year:

Elders                                   Martin Huckstep and Sally Schultz, Co-Chairs

Deaconate                            Debbi Lynn Pender, Barb Smith and Cory Smith, Co-Chairs

Worship Committee             Norm Wise, Chair

Outreach Committee           Mike Boardman and Tim Phillips, Co-Chairs with Martin Huckstep

Pastor Advisory Committee  Jerry Oscarson, Kim Campos, Brian Hoppe, Dick Levi and Debbi Lynn Pender

Christian Education            Diana Huckstep, Chair – Also serving are Debra Grenzow, Virginia Hart, Kathy Pastore, and Cory Smith

Constitution Review            Sally Schultz, Kim Campos, Brian Hoppe and Cory Smith


Nursery: There was a discussion about the nursery rules not being followed.  The nursery is only for children 5 years old and under who have adult supervision.  Lately there have been children older than 5 in the nursery who do not have an adult with them.  This rule is in place for the safety of our little ones.  One of the reasons for this problem is that we do not have an organized program for our children after the Children’s Minute in worship.  Hopefully the newly formed Christian Education committee will address this need.

Congregational Meeting Called: On February 10, we will have a congregational meeting in fellowship hall during lunch.  The main purpose of this meeting will be to hear ideas for events and programs. Are there ways we can host events the community will attend that will attract people to our fellowship?  In addition to the Harvest Dinner and the Cookie Walk, the Board wondered about two Give Away or Help Yourself Days where folks who can’t afford clothing or other items may come and take what they need. There is also one item of business that will need an official vote with regards to the budget.

Bread Sunday: This year’s “Bread Sunday” will be celebrated February 10 both during worship and afterward with a light lunch.  This is when we receive our Week of Compassion offering (for those who have come from other denominations: this is the Disciples of Christ version of One Great Hour of Sharing.)

New Members

We are blessed with the addition of these new members and look forward to the ways they will enhance our worship!  Since there are so many new folks, soon we will have name badges to wear on Sunday mornings as we get to know each other.  Please welcome these new members when you see them:  Mike Asmus, Mike Baker, Mike Boardman, Christian Campos, Tim Jenkins, and Tim Phillips

Norm Wise came forward during our Christmas Eve service to present the congregation’s gift to us. Later we opened the beautiful card and were again overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. You, in fact, are the gifts we have appreciated and enjoyed for the past 14 years.  Our Christmas gift was an amazing blessing! Together, with God’s help, we are working toward a future of growing the faithful ministries of First Christian Church in Janesville, Wisconsin.

                                                                                            With love and gratitude,

                                                                                                         Dee Ann and Ken


Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Recap

Thank you to Chris McCarthy for organizing this event.  Thanks to the many volunteers who waited tables, washed dishes, served on the food line, sold raffle tickets, greeted folks and received money.  We raised $640, which will help with the royalty fees for the musical we are planning this summer.  Raffle winners were: Kathy Snyder-Miche purse set, Kim Campos-Picnic Basket,

Patricia Schermerhorn-$50 value gift, Bill Hoernke-Car Wash Basket, Leland Rucker-Cleaning Basket, Pat Hubbard-Candy Basket, Dan McWilliams-Green & Hellow Afghan, Jared Benter-Cookies, Virginia Hart-Body Wash Basket, Lacy Rucker-Gift Bag & WalMart Gift Card, Ron Besemer-Faith Wall Hanging.

A Holiday Hello

 “Greetings to my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I hope and pray you are all in good health and lifted spirits.  In the past two years I’ve completed and graduated from residential treatment, and have also completed and graduated from the Restorative Justice program, and I am a year and a half in to a three year correspondence college.  I continue to lift all of you in.  May God’s peace, grace and love be with you all!  Sincerely your brother in Christ, Bob Maciulis.”  (Letters would be welcome!  My address is Robert Miciulis, WCC #443322, P.O. Box 219, Winnebago, WI 54985)

General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

July 13-17, 2013 ~ Orlando, Florida

Information about General Assembly is now available in the church office or at; click on General Assembly.

Early Registration discount deadline is April 1, 2013!


Lent 2013:

“Beyond The Question”

Life-changing questions that Jesus asked

Like all good teachers, Jesus asked his followers good questions. The questions do not have easy answers, but are meant to challenge our image of God, our place in the world, and offer us the possibility of personal transformation. Real change always begins with a change in thinking, and often with the questions we ask ourselves. Great results begin with great questions.

We hope you will join us for this Ecumenical Lenten journey.

Participating Pastors and Congregations for Midweek Lenten worship are:

Pastor Anne Andert                        Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor David Andert                       Faith Lutheran Church

Pastor Wes Bixby                          First Congregational United Church of Christ

The Rev. Bruce Jones                   First Presbyterian Church

The Rev. Dee Ann Woods             First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ


Date                                                    Question                                         Preacher              

2/13    Ash Wednesday                  What Are You Looking For?                                  Ann Andert

2/20    Worship and Soup              Where Is Your Faith?                                             Bruce Jones

2/27    Worship and Soup              Who Do You Say That I Am                                   Wes Bixby

3/6       Worship and Soup              What Do You Want Me to Do for You?                David Andert

3/13    Worship and Soup              Do You Love Me?                                                   Dee Ann Woods

3/20    Worship and Soup              How Will You Believe What I Say?                      Ann Andert

3/28    Maundy Thursday               For Is The Greater The One Who Is At                 Bruce Jones

The Table or The One Who Serves?

3/29    Good Friday                          My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?              David Andert

All Wednesday worship services and Good Friday will meet at the First Presbyterian Church at 12:00 and at Faith Lutheran at 6:30 PM. As in past years, soup will be offered after the noon service, and about 5:30 before the evening worship.  No Soup served Ash Wednesday or Maundy Thursday or Good Friday. It is our turn to host the Maundy Thursday Worship at 6:30

The noon time service is planned so that those who work are able to attend during their lunch break and return to work by 1 PM.  We will use the same liturgy for the noon and evening services.

We have been asked to provide the soup for the noon meal at First Presbyterian Church on March 13, or small sandwiches if it is easier- nothing elaborate, but something people can eat quickly before getting on with their day after worship.  Any volunteers?


New Church Directory

Please check your listing in the Directory of Members and Friends of FCC

which will soon be provided in the overflow room and make any corrections to your

address, phone numbers, email address, etc. or call the office at  752-3847.

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