Prayer Requests // January 12

  • Kim Campos – her grandson Everett has celiac disease and continues to lose weight which has prompted the doctors to run a battery of other bloodwork. Results pending.
  • Summer is home from her trip to Florida
  • Diana’s son, Chris, is traveling to California
  • Eliane and Andy P are leaving for Florida tomorrow Jan 6
  • Charlotte Terry, Bill’s mother (Dick’s mother-in-law), is back in the hospital
  • Richard, Jacquie’s grandpa (also Kathy Pastore’s father) fell several times this week.
  • Continued good vibes for Kirsten’s pregnancy
  • Prayers for political stability and public safety around the world
  • Continued prayers for Nancy, Shelly’s wife.

Bob and Sue Fenrick:

  • Sue has an infection in her leg.
  • Sue’s arm is also stiff and this will be incorporated into her existing physical therapy.
  • Carol Emler, a friend, of Evansville, passed away.
  • Richard Kopke, a good friend of Bob’s, passed away.