Our Vision: God is calling us to be an inclusive faith community seeking to assure people of God’s love and God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Our mission: We are nourishing people for their own spritual journey and equipping them for Christian service. We recognize the power of prayer and acknowledge that God can speak through us.

As an open and affirming congregation, all are welcome in this church! The Good news of God’s grace is for all regardless of age, abilities, physical and mental health, race, sexual orientation, income, education, or strength of faith. There is nothing we do, have done, or will do that can separate us from God’s love. God makes no exceptions, nor do we. Come join us in praise, prayer, and the work of our Lord. Our goal is: Nourishing minds – Preparing Hearts – Serving God with open arms and willing hands. Enjoy our Open Minds, Open Hearts, and Open Arms.

Sunday morning worship starts at 9:30AM.

Our regional website: www.cciwdisciples.org

Prayer Requests // March 15

* Prayers for Sue Fenrick’s continued healing
* Prayers for Bob Fenrick’s pulmonary health
* Prayers for Bob and Sue Fenrick’s son-in-law’s father, Steve
Our shut-ins: Tom Walker, Mrs. Whitehead in Edgerton
* Kathy Pastore’s parents as they transition to a retired lifestyle
Thanks for spring-like weather

The Deupree Room!

On February 9, 2019, we dedicated the new Deupree room. This space can be used for reading, relaxing, and meditation.

Several years ago, we had a raccoon infestation. The ceiling was torn out, And the insulation removed. We suffered through a couple winters without any insulation. Today, the insulation has been restored, a new ceiling installed, a fresh coat of paint, new baseboards, a little bit of trim, and some new furniture was added to make it a cheery space.

In honor of Neil and Kay Deupree‘s many years of service to our church, both as a pastor and wife team and as a visiting Pastor and wife team, we would like to name it in their honor.

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